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Enjoy an extraordinary Kitecruise in the Caribbean. Discover the best kitespots with us, while under sail of a new and luxurious 52ft catamaran. Sail with us on a Kite & Sail Kitecruise from Martinique right into the Grenadines.

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Kiting, sailing and adventure

Discover the best kite spots with us, while under sail of a new and luxurious 52ft catamaran. All you need is some passion for the ocean, wind and to live among people who feel exactly the same, and who cherish team play. We’ll take care of all the rest: super modern, fully equipped catamarans with plenty of space on deck to relax and with luxury cabins below deck, that’ll leave you with nothing else to desire. On top of that, we will provide you with the finest kitesurfing equipment, straight from Core Kiteboarding. To make sure, that you’ll have the best riding experience and safe learning success, you will receive support from our experienced team, who will set the sails for further surfing adventures with you.

Entspannter Segeltörn in den Sonnenuntergang
Tag 1 & 11 Le Marin Tag 10 Sainte-Anne Tag 9 St. Lucia Tag 8 St. Vincent Tag 7 Canouan Tag 6 Tobago Cays Tag 5 PSV Tag 4 Union Island Tag 3 Mayreau Tag 2 Bequia Tag 1 & 11 Le Marin


Day 1: Le Martin (Martinique)

The starting point of the Kite & Sail adventure is in the sheltered bay of Le Marin in the south of Martinique. Several direct flights starting from Paris fly here daily and the airport is also only half an hour's drive away from the marina. From 6:00 p.m. on the day of your arrival we welcome all kiters and fellow sailors on board the catamaran. After you have set up your cabins, we will sit down together to get to know each other, listen to the tour briefing and the obligatory safety instructions. This will be followed by a joint dinner, after which the lines are untied and the catamaran sets off, for its first section of the trip. From here we will set course heading south to Bequia (90 nm, approx. 13 h). Thanks to the predominantly north-easterly winds, all guests can experience the first night relaxed, while under sail. Sailing under the Caribbean sky at night is a very special experience.

Mit Freunden am Bug des Katamarans entspannen

Day 2: Bequia – Canouan (20nm)

After the nightly crossing, the catamaran arrives in Port Elizabeth in the late morning. After the catamaran is safely anchored, there is enough time for all those sailing along, to stroll through the small village and get some first impressions of the Caribbean flair. Alternatively, you can take a jeep-taxi trip to the beautiful beaches on the windward side of the island. Meanwhile, the skipper takes care of the formalities concerning the entry. Afterwards the journey continues to the Grenadines, where some of the best kite spots are waiting for you (20 nm, approx. 4 hours). We will spend the night in Canouan, where we’ll eat together at the beach resort.

Kitecruise in der Karibik

Day 3: Canouan - Mayreau (10nm)

On the next morning everyone wakes up in the beautiful and sheltered bay of Canouan. After a hearty breakfast and a refreshing dive into the clear blue water, the wind takes us directly to the heart of the Grenadines, within just one hour you’ll discover an archipelago that is our personal paradise for kitesurfing. The first kite spot is located on the east of the island of Mayreau. After pumping up the kites, we can kite-surf to exhaustion, just until the sun goes down.

Aktiv Mitsegeln auf dem Katamaran

Day 4: Mayreau - Union Island (10nm)

The morning of the third day of the Kite & Sail cruise, greets us with a half an hour sailing trip right to the next beautiful anchorage. In the south of Union Island lies a very sheltered bay, that astonishes all kiters with incredibly smooth water. If it’s foiling, your first jumps or new tricks, everyone will find just the right thing, to suit their needs!

Katamaran unter Segeln im kristallklaren Wasser

Day 5: Union Island – Petit St Vincent (5nm)

In the morning, once again you’ll wake up in a kite paradise. This perfect bay is exactly the right spot, to have fun during a morning kite session. We will be lifting the anchor around noon. The next spot is so close by, that there is hardly enough time for us to set sail. We are already right in front of the small island of Petit St. Vincent. At Petit St. Vincent you’ll find an offshore reef, which has formed some very small and sandy islands. These are barely big enough for launching the kites. Between the reef and Petit St. Vincent, we can anchor with the catamaran and have a wonderful and very large kite spot alone to ourselves! There is also a very nice resort with a restaurant close by, which invites you to have a delicious lunch, in the cooling shade of the palm trees.

Mit Schwung ins klare und kühle Wasser

Day 6: Petit St Vincent – Tobago Cays (10nm)

After taking one last look back at this dream spot, we will be setting sails again. But fortunately there is no need to be sad, because the next spot is just as beautiful (10 nm, approx. 1.5 h). One of the absolute highlights here are the turtles, which swim right next to the anchored ships and invite us to jump into the cooling water, while having our diving goggles on. In the larger, shallower areas, where the ships can’t anchor, we have a lot of space and very flat water at low tide, for the next perfect kite session. In the evening, the locals spoil us with culinary delights from the Caribbean right on a sandy beach, covered with palm trees. This is one of the absolute highlights of this sailing trip.

Kitesurfen auf dem Foil

Day 7: Tobago Cays – Mayreau (10nm)

Let's go to the next dreamlike bay, with turquoise water, white sandy beaches and palm trees! (10 nm, approx. 1.5 h) The scenery impresses by it’s fantastic underwater world, in which we can spend the whole day! A delightful little beach bar invites you to simply relax and enjoy. But the best thing here is the bay on the other side of the headland, which is only just a few meters wide. While we anchor on the lee-side, protected from offshore winds, we can have a lot of fun with small waves in the kite bay, just a few meters away.

Kitespot und Ankerbucht direkt beieinander

Day 8: Mayreau - Union Island (5nm)

After a delicious breakfast, we will spend the morning in this beautiful bay. Kiting, swimming or sunbathing are part of the program. At noon we will continue our journey. Our destination of the day is once again Union Island, but this time we’ll be staying further north and have a stop at Clifton (5 nm, approx. 1 h). This small village is known for its unique kite spots. The long but very shallow reef creates perfect flat water conditions! An absolute must-do is a visit to the famous floating cocktail bar called "Happy Island". The best way to enjoy the sunset there, is with a cool drink in your hands, while watching the spectacular show of the kiters from the local kite schools. For dinner, you’ll visit one of the local Caribbean restaurants.

Kiten vor Happy Island

Day 9: Union Island - Saint Lucia (70 nm)

Early in the morning there is still enough time for one last kite session, before heading north again. During this time, the skipper will take care of your exit formalities. Then the sails are set taking course towards Martinique. We will be reaching St. Lucia late in the evening, where we can anchor for the night (70 nm, approx. 13 h).

Kitesession im Sonnenuntergang

Day 10: Saint Lucia - Sainte-Anne (Martinique) (45 nm)

The primary focus of this last section of the sailing tour, will be on sailing along! Starting from St. Lucia, after a delicious breakfast and a short snorkeling excursion, we will continue our journey to Martinique (40 nm, approx. 6 h). In the afternoon we will reach the anchorage in Saint Anne on Martinique. Here you’ll have the opportunity to go ashore or to enjoy sunbathing on the net of the catamaran, or to simply do water sports. We will spend the last evening on board together, in a relaxed atmosphere, while having dinner.

Segeltörn bei der Kojencharterreise in der Karibik

Day 11: Sainte-Anne - Le Marin (30 min)

The day will start with an early breakfast on board and a short 20 minute cruise to the Marina of Le Marin. Disembarkation is between 8am and 9am. The airport of Martinique is not far from the marina. After disembarking, you will still have the opportunity to spend some time on the beach, or to do some last errands in the city, before your departure.

Viel Platz für die Törnplanung bietet die Fly des gen Lagoon 52

Everyday life on a kite cruise in the Caribbean

The difference between a normal kite trip and a Kite & Sail sailing trip, is primarily that you wake up at a new and awesome kite spot every day, in a dreamlike setting, without even once having to pack your bags. The large and fully equipped catamaran is our floating home, which accompanies us to every new kite spot during the 7-day cruise. Your morning on board the catamaran begins with the fresh smell of coffee. Lured by this, you can open your cabin doors and jump straight into the crystal clear water. After this first refreshment, the daily routine will be discussed over a hearty breakfast. Then we’ll lift up the anchor together and make our way to the next kite spot. All of those interested, are invited to help the crew with the maneuvers, while learning something about sailing and the catamaran. Arriving at the next spot, the anchor is lowered again and the kites are prepared for their launch. Depending on the spot, we can either launch the kites from the beach, or with a sophisticated technique, under the guidance of the kite instructor, directly from the stern of the catamaran. If you have problems on the water, or if you need any support, the kite instructor will be by your side quickly, reaching you by dinghy. You can also separately book private kite lessons, which will quickly take you to the next level of kiting. We will spend the evening with a delicious glass of rum punch, in a relaxed atmosphere and let our on board chef-cook spoil us with culinary delights.

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Services included

On board

  • Accommodation in air-conditioned double cabins with a private shower / toilet
  • A/C is available from 08:00 a.m. to 22:00 p.m.
  • 1 set of bed linen and 1 towel per person / week
  • Water sports equipment on board: snorkel gear and a fishing rod


  • Full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner on 7 evenings)
  • Soft drinks

The crew

  • Skipper
  • Cook
  • Kite Instructor

The catamaran

  • Consumables of the catamaran (diesel, petrol and water)
  • Liability insurance for the catamaran and the passengers

Additional Services

Arrival / Departure

  • Flights
  • Transfer: Airport – Marina – Airport (optional)
  • travel insurance

Meals (excl.)

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Restaurant visits on three evenings

Cash box 290 € / p (mandatory)

  • At the beginning of the trip, 290€ per participant will be collected in cash for the cash box. All local fees such as port fees, mooring, entry fees, customs and fresh products are paid from this amount of money.

Kite rental at Kite Cruise

  • On board you’ll find the latest material from Core. Which can be rented in advance (note: very limited availability!)

Kite courses

  • Private kite lessons
  • Foil course (3h foilboard incl.)

Please note...

Single cabin

  • Accommodation in a single cabin is available at an additional cost.
  • Most trips have a cheaper small single cabin, or a more expensive large cabin for single use available.


It’s up to the captain to decide, wether to make changes to the itinerary, or to adapt to the weather and wind conditions.

The organizer reserves all right, to carry out the sailing trip on another but equivalent ship (COVID-19 informations)

Information on Corona measures

  • Due to corona-related travel restrictions, the route of the sailing trip may deviate from the originally advertised route. Alternatively there may be the option, to sail north to Guadeloupe or right along the coast of Martinique.
  • There is a hygiene concept concerning the life on board .
  • Separate Corona booking guidelines also apply.
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