Kiten im Sonnenuntergang


April 25, 2020, 11:32 a.m.


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... a local from Grenada assured us last year before we set off on our first sailing trip in the southern Caribbean. We laughed about it, but now a year has passed and lo and behold, we have returned!

This time we have a whole two weeks ahead of us on a catamaran with the skipper team Tobi and Cati: one week of sailing and one week of kite & sail.

Eine fantastische Crew beim Kitecruise in der Karibik
Entspannen an Bord des Katamarans

After a long but trouble-free journey, we can finally take off our shoes and move into the Akana, which will be our home for the next two weeks. A relaxed atmosphere immediately spreads and during a welcome cocktail we get to know the crew and the guests sailing with us. The wavelength is right from the start, but the cocktail and jet lag soon make everyone crawl into their luxurious cabins.

The modern catamaran offers berths for 12 people and plenty of seating and sunbathing areas, so that everyone can find a cosy spot to relax during the day as well. (a tour of the catamaran can be found here)

Welcome to Paradise

The rich breakfast is a must in the morning - a preventive measure against seasickness in untrained stomachs! Then it's time to cast off and head north from the marina in Grenada, where fantastic island worlds await us. While sailing, everyone is allowed to lend a hand or simply enjoy the meditative effect of the view into the distance.

During our lunch stop in a bay near Ronde Island, the turquoise water invites us to snorkel. We continue to our first anchorage at White Island. Here, at the latest, I am hooked: white sandy beaches of uninhabited islands, fascinating underwater worlds and a wonderful kite spot - welcome to paradise!

Der Kitespot im Paradies
Ein traumhafter Sternenhimmel in der Karibik

After we have been spoiled with a fresh dinner by Paula, who supports Tobi and Cati in the kitchen, card games or stargazing are on the agenda. Captain Tobi also provides a good atmosphere with his sailor's yarn. Fun is a top priority for the crew, because Tobi and Cati are not only experienced sailors and kiters, but also always good-humoured, warm-hearted people.


After a few days, everyone has found their job on board: whether helmsman or DJ, hoisting sails or mixing cocktails, there is something for everyone.

The next spot near Union Island already belongs to St. Vincent and the Grenadines. In the lively bay, the small Happy Island is a highlight - here you can drink till you drop!

In front of the anchored boats is a wonderful kiting area with smooth water. If you dare, you can also kite between the sailboats. But it can happen that a kite lands in a mast... Tobi is not thrilled, but doesn't let it upset him. After two hours, the kite is freed, the boat owner is appeased with a bottle of good rum and we can continue sailing north!

Kiten vor Happy Island
Lasst uns Kiten gehen!

On the island of Bequia, a few guests go ashore for an island tour or for shopping in the pretty, colourful small town. In the evening we enjoy local food for dinner, which is no problem even for us as vegetarians.

The next day we sail to Salt Whistle Bay on Mayreau Island, where both kiters can enjoy the wave spot and non-kiters can enjoy a walk around the island. Tobi and Cati know their way around every spot we visit and suggest activities. Boredom is guaranteed!

A gigantic tuna, which we caught ourselves while sailing, will fill our empty kiter stomachs tonight.


The Tobago Cays are finally on the agenda, my absolute favourite spot. Attention, please take off your sunglasses and enjoy the insanely beautiful colours! Never before has the water been so turquoise blue. Countless turtles swim around between the lonely islands and are wonderful to watch while snorkelling.

The kiters among us have perfect conditions here to practise tricks and jumps. After an extensive kite session, we go ashore in the evening for a lobster BBQ at the beach - what a perfect day!

Schwimmen mit Schildkröten in den Tobago Cays
Regenbogen in der Karibik

Unbelievably, the first week is almost over! On the long sail back to Grenada, dolphins accompany us during the sunset - an unforgettable experience and a great farewell for the guests who have to leave us the very next day. A couple travelling with us (so far sailing novices) spontaneously decides to stay another week because they can't part yet. The Caribbean vibes definitely have addiction potential!


After the sailing week, during which we were already able to get out on the water a few times, we are now looking forward to the upcoming Kite & Sail week, because the wind forecast is not letting us down!

Even though the essential itinerary is similar to the first week, we'll be running into even more stunning spots. As the skippers know the area perfectly, the trip is also flexibly adapted to the wind forecast, so that every day can be used optimally.

For launching and landing, we take the small dinghy to the beach and after a short instruction, we're off onto the water. Almost every spot allows for different levels of experience in kiting, overcrowding is a foreign word here and, in addition, the small dinghy of the catamaran ensures safety at all times.

Kitecruise in der Karibik
Auf dem Weg zum Kitespot

If you've always wanted to kite into the sunset in just board shorts, you can definitely fulfil your dream here.

Even after two weeks of catamaran cruising, we still had far from enough of the dreamlike island worlds and will be back next year! This superlative holiday is the perfect combination of adventure and switching off.

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