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Baltic Sea

Between May and September, pleasant temperatures and light to medium winds lure many visitors to the baltic sea. The well known resort of Warnemünde, near Rostock, offers a perfect starting point for a sailing trip on the Baltic Sea. Whether for just a few hours or several days, the breathtaking coastal landscape of the Mecklenburger Bay, near Warnemünde and the nearby fantastic sailing areas of Rügen, Fehmarn and the Danish South Seas, offer every sailor and newcomer to sailing a fantastic sailing experience.

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Experience the fascination of the Caribbean from a completely new perspective. Set sail with us and let yourself be driven from one of the many locations in the Caribbean on a catamaran sailing trip to the Caribbean. A sailing trip by catamaran to the most beautiful islands of the Caribbean, past long sandy beaches, through turquoise water together with huge schools of fish and dolphins through the endless ocean. Constant trade winds, warm temperatures, a fantastic environment anchorages to fall in love with, make the Caribbean the ideal sailing area for every sailor and newcomer to sailing.

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Indian Ocean

Small but heavenly island groups are hidden off the east coast of Africa, in the middle of the ocean. The Maldives, Mauritius and the Seychelles are particularly recommended for sailing trips.Accompany us on a sailing trip with a catamaran and let us take you to clear, blue water, palm-fringed beaches and hidden romantic bays. During the sailing vacation you anchor in hidden bays, visit local restaurants, experience the most beautiful nature and cultural and historical sites. Experience the beauty of the various sailing areas on an unforgettable sailing cruise.

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Pacific Ocean

The partner islands with blue anchor bays and white sandy beaches invite you to fantastic sailing cruises. To fully enjoy the beauty of nature, a sailing trip on a catamaran is the ideal travel method. Thanks to the large and comfortable catamarans, you can comfortably sail from island to island. There are numerous opportunities for activities and excursions, here too. Whether snorkeling, swimming, hiking or just relaxing on the sun deck of the catamaran, everyone will find their own personal highlight here.

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Apart from the large land masses, Asia offers a multitude of unusual island groups. Thailand and the Indonesian islands in particular are characterized by a nested coastline and short distances to the neighboring islands. This combination makes this region a perfect sailing area. During a catamaran sailing trip you will discover lonely almost forgotten anchor bays, wonderful sandy beaches and also have the opportunity to take part in a variety of activities and excursions on the islands.

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Mediterranean Sea

Through this special geographical location, you will experience that the wonderful mediterranean climate. This makes this region ideal for sailing, for most of the year. With a large and comfortable catamaran the sailing trip leads through clear, blue water past palm-lined beaches to hidden, romantic bays. Gourmet restaurants, beautiful nature and cultural and historically interesting places, make the sailing trip a dream sailing holiday. Experience the special beauty of the very different sailing areas in the Mediterranean!

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