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COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Informationen

Sailing trips Baltic Sea:

Restrictions on the sailing trip

- Guests stay mainly on deck during the sailing trip

- Guests should avoid the interior as much as possible

- Guests may go below deck individually or with people from the same household if necessary

- Information about all rules and measures are available on board

- Each guest gets a fixed seat

Safety briefing and welcome

Guests are greeted one after the other while maintaining the minimum distance. Shaking hands should be avoided. The guests are shown the rooms one after the other and the special features are explained.

The safety briefing must take place before the start of the journey. The safety briefing must be carried out while maintaining the minimum distance, kept short and, if possible, without having to touch objects.

Clearance on deck

The ships have a very large deck area with various seating options. The ships are occupied in such a way that it is possible to stay on deck while maintaining the minimum distance.

Mouth/Nose protection

On deck: If the distance cannot be maintained, a face mask must be worn.

Below Deck: A mask must be worn below deck.

Hygiene measures

Life jackets: Wearing life jackets is mandatory. The life jackets are disinfected after each use. For the duration of the cruise, each guest receives their own life jacket that is assigned to them and is not exchanged.

The yacht is continuously aired during the trip.

Disinfectants and soap are provided for the guests so that hygiene measures can be observed (thorough washing of hands and disinfection if necessary).

Lines, winches, winch handles

The tasks during sailing maneuvers are distributed in such a way that the objects are always touched by the same people and are cleaned at the end of the trip.

To eat and drink

Sailing trip without overnight stay:

Each guest can bring their own food. Sealed bottle drinks can be purchased on board.

Sailing trip with overnight stay:

In the evening, all guests go to a restaurant to eat. During the day, guests prepare their own food and eat on deck. If the distance on deck cannot be maintained, smaller groups must eat one after the other.


After each sailing trip, all relevant areas on deck are cleaned. Likewise, the toilets and other shared surfaces will be cleaned. The crew is made aware of washing and disinfecting their hands sufficiently.


Before starting the sailing trip, all guests are to be instructed about the following:

1) Guests who feel ill and have flu or cold-like symptoms are not allowed to participate in the sailing trip

2) Guests who come from a designated corona risk area or who have had contact with a person who has tested positive for corona in the last 14 days are not allowed to take part in the cruise.

3) Guests who are in quarantine or in domestic isolation are not allowed to take part in the cruise.

All guests must confirm this in writing. Contact details for possible follow-up must be provided.

The aforementioned measures apply to all sailing trips in the Baltic Sea that Charter and Sail carries out as a service provider.

Worldwide sailing trips

COVID-19 measures

Due to the restrictions caused by COVID-19, there may be changes to the course of the trip or the sailing trip may not take place. For this reason, all service providers have adjusted the booking guidelines and introduced increased flexibility. At each base and on board there are also individually adapted hygiene concepts and corona measures.

Changes in the course of the trip

In the event of local restrictions on site, the itinerary can be adapted to the restrictions and thus deviate from the advertised itinerary.

Cancellation of the sailing trip

If the sailing trip cannot take place due to COVID-19 impairments*, all service providers offer adapted rebooking guidelines. The conditions depend on the respective service provider.

Most service providers offer a free rebooking to the next year or a voucher for the deposit paid for a future charter.

*A COVID-19 impairment qualifies as:

- Due to government restrictions related to COVID-19, the booking cannot be made

cannot be carried out at the destination.

- In the event of any of the disruptions listed above, our team will contact you and advise you of a rescheduling or provide you with a credit note. If you confirm to proceed with your booking, no rebooking or credit will be made if you subsequently decide to cancel.

- Please note that in the event that the country you are visiting allows entry with a negative Covid-19 test and you are unable to present it, the COVID-19 cancellation policy will not apply and the standard cancellation policy (T&C's ) apply.

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