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Are there vouchers for the sailing trips?

Giving sailing trips as a gift is a great idea. Of course you can buy a voucher for all sailing trips in the Baltic Sea. It is entirely up to you whether you decide directly on a type of trip or would prefer to give a gift voucher. We will send the gift voucher to the presentee by post or also by PDF, if it has to go faster. Enquiries are best made directly by email to info@charter-and-sail.de

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Berth Charter

What is Berth Charter?

Berth charter sailing trips are sailing trips where you book a cabin, just like on a cruise ship. Fixed dates and fixed routes are advertised for the trips. A professional skipper and often also a cook will be in charge of the ship. This type of cruise also allows solo travellers, couples or smaller groups to experience a unique sailing trip without having sailing skills or having to charter the entire ship.

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Individual Charter

What is „Individual Charter“ (private Charter)

With individual charter or also called private charter, you book the entire ship. This is particularly suitable for larger groups, such as families and friends or company events. But this type of cruise is also suitable for very special moments. The romantic trip for two, a marriage proposal or a family trip in the closest circle, with the individual charter you can design the trip to suit your needs.

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What to bring with you

What do I need to bring for the sailing trip?

Sailing trip without overnight stay

For every sailing trip it is advisable to bring warm and weatherproof clothing. Especially on the Baltic Sea, the motto is: it is better to bring too warm clothes than too cold ones.

As the ships have very sensitive floors, we ask all guests to wear clean shoes with light-coloured soles. Everyday shoes with non-marking and clean soles are also OK. Leather soles, hiking boots and shoes with dirty or staining soles are not welcome.

On sunny days, the skipper likes to drop anchor for a swim stop. Sunglasses, sunscreen, headgear and bathing suits are highly encouraged here.

Sailing trip with overnight stay

For sailing trips lasting several days, guests must also bring a bed sheet, a pillowcase and optionally a duvet cover or a sleeping bag. This does not apply to guests who have booked bed linen as an extra.


Will there be drinks on board?

Half-day, day or sunset cruises on the Baltic Sea.

Cold drinks are available for purchase on board. Bringing your own alcoholic beverages is not permitted.

Baltic Sea multi-day-cruises

The ship is already equipped with drinks for the trip. Non-alcoholic drinks such as water, juice and soft drinks are on board and included in the ship's fare. A selection of beer, wine and cocktails is also available and can be purchased at the end of the cruise, as these are not included in the on-board payment.

Individual charters

A selection of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages are available for purchase on board for daytime events. Should you have any special beverage requirements, these can be taken into account in advance. You are not permitted to bring your own alcoholic beverages.

For tours lasting several days, it is entirely up to you whether you would like to bring your own drinks or order them in advance.

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Is there catering on the sailing trips?

Half-day day or sunset cruises on the Baltic Sea

There is no catering on board for the half-day day or sunset cruises on the sailing yacht or catamaran. For the day trips we recommend that you take a small packed lunch with you for lunchtime. For the half-day or sunset cruises, you are of course welcome to take a snack on board.

Baltic Sea cruises lasting several days

At the beginning of the cruise, the ship is already equipped with food and drinks for breakfast and lunch. Depending on the itinerary, dinner will be either in a restaurant together or at a delicious BBQ on board.

During the trip, the guests are jointly responsible for preparing the food and washing up. The skipper is also catered for by the guests.

Individual charter

For all sailing trips where you book the entire ship, it is entirely up to you how you want to arrange the catering. For day events, we are happy to provide catering or stop off for a restaurant visit. On the multi-day sailing trips, you can decide for yourself whether you would like to bring your own catering, whether the ship should already be provisioned, or even whether a chef should accompany the trip so that you don't have to worry about anything.

Overnight stay

Overnight stay on board, what do I need to know?

I have booked a day, half-day or sunset cruise and would like to stay overnight on board before or after. What do I have to consider?

If you have a longer journey or would just like to spend a night on board a sailing yacht or catamaran, you are welcome to add this to your booking.

As on many days sunset cruises are carried out until 9 pm, check-in after the sunset cruise takes place between 9 pm and 9.30 pm. On board, the skipper will welcome you and give you a short briefing on the special features on board. There are sanitary facilities in the marina Hohe Düne which you can use. The kitchen on board cannot be used. However, there are various restaurants and a harbour kiosk in the Yachthafenresidenz Hohe Düne. In addition, both Warnemünde and Markgrafenheide are within easy reach. Here you will find a variety of catering options.

For the cabins, please bring a bed sheet, a pillowcase and optionally a duvet cover or a sleeping bag. The next morning, check out takes place at 8:00 am.

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What are the travel options?

The meeting point for the sailing trips is pier H in the Hohe Düne marina.

You can get to Yachthafen Hohe Düne by car coming from the east via Markgrafenheide or from the west via Warnemünde. If you come via Markgrafenheide, you can take the A19 or the L105. ATTENTION: traffic jams are to be expected on the L105 near Rövershagen! From Warnemünde you have to take the car and passenger ferry across the Warnow to Hohe Düne. The journey takes about 3 minutes and the ferry leaves every 5-10 minutes during the day. There are two large car parks belonging to the Yachthafenresidenz, for which a fee is charged. We recommend taking the car park that has a barrier, as you only have to pay when you leave the car park here and you can also stay there for several days.

The marina is also easy to reach by public transport. From Rostock main station, the S-Bahn runs every 15-20 minutes to Warnemünde. From here you can also take the ferry and then walk for about 5 minutes.


Will the trip take place in bad weather?

There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes. Everyone probably knows this saying from their childhood, but there is a spark of truth in it too. Because even in bad weather, sailing can really be fun! If you don't have any waterproof and windproof clothing, you can rent sailing clothes for the sailing trip in advance. The catamaran also has the advantage of a sheltered seating area and a saloon with a sitting area and panoramic windows.

If the wind and especially the waves are too high for comfortable sailing, the Warnow River offers a wonderful alternative area. You can sail past Warnemünde, the Aida Terminal and the fishing port down to the city harbour.

In case of weather conditions that endanger safety, e.g. thunderstorms, high waves or winds over 6 bft, the sailing trip can be interrupted, cancelled or postponed.

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Number of guests

How many guests are on board?

For all sailing trips without overnight stay, a maximum of 12 guests plus crew are on board.

Overnight sailing trips take place on the sailing yacht with a maximum of 9 guests plus crew. On the catamaran there is a maximum of 8 guests on two-day trips and 6 guests on longer trips, plus crew.

Single traveller

Can I also sail alone?

Single travellers are welcome on all our sailing trips. Through the joint sailing tasks, all participants quickly become a team. Whether you are travelling alone, as a couple, with friends or family, everyone can feel comfortable in the relaxed and friendly atmosphere on board.

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Sailing with children, is that possible?

Children from the age of 6 are welcome on board. If you wish to bring younger children on board, this must be discussed with our staff prior to booking.

For all children, it is always necessary to state the age and weight of the children when booking so that we can provide sufficient lifejackets in the appropriate sizes. Children up to 12 years of age must wear a life jacket throughout the sailing trip.

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Sea sickness

What do I need to be aware of in case of seasickness?

Anyone who has been at sea several times knows whether they are prone to seasickness or not. Those who have not yet tested this are sometimes a little sceptical before their first sailing trip. However, there are a few things you can do both before and during the trip to avoid seasickness. In general, we recommend that guests who get seasick more easily or are unsure about it, take a sailing trip on a catamaran. With its two runners, the catamaran is more stable in the water and does not lean.

A good breakfast, plenty of sleep and little alcohol the day before are also good measures to prevent seasickness. During the sailing trip we also have a few tips for . And the best tip is to steer yourself! When steering, you look for a fixed point on the horizon and you are also so concentrated that you virtually forget about seasickness. In addition, you should always eat something in between and, if possible, stay on deck with a view of the horizon. It is better to leave the walk below deck to the experienced sea dogs.

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Which payment options are available?

Each booking must be paid by bank transfer within 5 days of receipt of the invoice. Short-term bookings (less than 7 days until the start of the cruise) can be paid in cash on site. Drinks purchased on board must also be paid for in cash on site.

For bookings over €1000, a deposit of 35% of the invoice amount is due first. The balance is to be paid 6 weeks before the start of the cruise.


Cancellation: when is it possible and how much does it cost?

For day, half-day or sunset cruises on the Baltic Sea, there is a €25 cancellation or rebooking fee if you wish to cancel or rebook more than 14 days before the start of the cruise. If there are less than 14 days until the start of the cruise, a rebooking or cancellation is no longer possible. (see General Terms and Conditions of Service Provider B3.1)

For all other sailing trips, where Charter and Sail is the service provider, the following cancellation fees apply:

  • Up to 120 days before the start of the cruise 30 % of the cruise price.
  • 119 - 60 days before the start of the cruise 50 % of the cruise price
  • 59 - 30 days before the start of the cruise 75 % of the cruise price
  • From 29 days before the start of the cruise 100 % of the cruise price

For sailing trips where Charter and Sail is the service provider, please refer to the cancellation terms and conditions of the respective service provider.

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Sailing along

Can I sail actively, do I need any previous experience?

Sailing is a team sport. Helping hands are welcome both during the harbour manoeuvres and when sailing. Setting sails, manoeuvring and steering are best done together! However, no previous experience is necessary. The experienced skipper will explain every new move and give you clear instructions on what to do. The skipper is happy to pass on his knowledge to anyone who is curious.


Do I have to be physically fit?

The experience of the last few years has taught us that many people with disabilities can also participate wonderfully in the sailing trip and experience a great day on the water. However, as the boats can often move unpredictably and strongly due to wind and waves, a basic requirement is that all persons can move safely on board. This means being able to hold on even in rough conditions, being able to go up and down the clear stairs to the sanitary facilities and being able to negotiate the gap between the ship and the jetty in the harbour without any problems.

If you are unsure or have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Do I have to be able to swim?

In order to participate in the sailing trip without restrictions, you should be able to swim freely for at least 30 minutes. If this is not the case, a life jacket must be worn during the entire stay on board. The skipper must be informed in advance.


Can animals come on board?

No animals are allowed on board during any sailing trip.

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