Der große Katamaran ist perfekt für Segeltörns in der Karibik geeignet

Catamaran Tour

Jan. 25, 2020, 2:07 p.m.


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A tour around the catamaran

CARIBBEAN... Everyone associates this word with a dream holiday under palm trees at a comfortable 28° C air and water temperature. When planning a holiday, however, the question arises: which Caribbean island would I like to visit? There are so many to choose from and each island has its own special highlight.

We have the solution! How would it be if you could simply take your holiday home with you and thus be on a different island every day? Sounds strange at first, but with a catamaran it's no problem at all!

The large, comfortable and fully equipped catamaran offers everything your heart desires. Six bright and open cabins offer space for up to 12 people. Water maker, generator, a large refrigerator and air conditioning ensure that nothing is lacking. Thanks to the catamaran design, the ship is always calm and stable in the water, so that thoughts of seasickness fade far into the background.

Are you curious? Then follow Tobi and Eric from the Charter & Sail team on their tour of the ship. They will show you the cabins, the salon and plenty of places on the catamaran to relax and enjoy.

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Layout of the catamaran

The Lagoon 52F is 16 m long and 8.80 m wide and offers enough space for up to 12 people. Together with the cabins, the expansive saloon and deck area and the steering bridge, the catamaran has three floors that offer plenty of living space.

In the stern area there are two cabins, each with its own entrance from the deck. Both cabins have plenty of space and a large double bed. From the saloon, there are starboard and port accesses to two more cabins each. The forward cabins are built the same on both sides and have a high double bed with panoramic views. To port is a smaller cabin in the centre with a double bunk bed. The starboard centre cabin is also slightly smaller, but also has a comfortable double bed. All cabins have en-suite bathrooms, either with separate or integrated shower cubicles.

On deck there are many different lounging areas. Everyone will find their own personal favourite spot here. Whether it's the sunbathing area on the steering bridge or the cosy seating area at the bow, which is always wonderfully cool and windy at anchor, is up to you. In the evening, everyone gathers in the sheltered cockpit. The small sunbathing area and the large table offer enough space for everyone to enjoy the evening together.

Thanks to the panoramic windows, the bright and friendly saloon offers a wonderful view even during the journey. Here you will find the fully equipped kitchen, a dining table and a small navigation corner. Sufficient refrigeration is provided by a large fridge and a freezer in the kitchen. With the gas-powered cooker and oven, cooking can be done at any time without the use of the generator. During the berth charter sailing trips, the cook conjures up the most delicious dishes here every day.

Electricity and water

Thanks to the large batteries, there is always enough electricity on the catamaran. There are both 12 V and 230 V sockets in each cabin and in the saloon. The 12 V sockets can be used continuously, while the 230 V sockets are fed either via a converter from the batteries or directly from the generator. The generator must be switched on to charge the batteries and to use appliances that consume a lot of electricity. The air conditioner and the watermaker are also powered by the powerful generator.

The catamaran has two large water tanks that contain fresh water for showering and rinsing. But with many people on board, these are empty faster than you think. So that you don't have to go to a marina for water bunkering, the catamaran has a powerful water maker on board, which can turn the salty Caribbean water into fresh shower water within a short time.